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Eid Al-Adha Flowers

Celebrate Eid in Dubai curated selection of beautiful flower arrangements, with same-day and next-day flower delivery to all Emirates.

Lavender Floral Hatbox from AED 325.00
Lavender Floral - Vase from AED 345.00
Lavender Floral from AED 325.00
Vibrant Peony Vase from AED 345.00
Burgundy Peony Vase from AED 345.00
Pastel Peony Vase from AED 345.00
Purple Peony Vase from AED 345.00
White Peony Vase AED 1,295.00
Mixed Peony Vase AED 1,295.00
Perfect White - Vase from AED 345.00
Pink Perfection - Vase from AED 345.00
2 White Orchids from AED 545.00
2 Purple Orchids from AED 545.00
3 White Orchids from AED 745.00
3 Purple Orchids from AED 745.00
Vibrant Peony Basket from AED 495.00
Burgundy Peony Basket from AED 495.00
Pastel Peony Basket from AED 495.00
Purple Peony Basket from AED 495.00

How to Choose the Perfect Eid Flowers

Selecting the ideal Eid flowers involves considering the message you wish to convey. Our Eid collection includes arrangements that symbolize joy, prosperity, and blessings, perfectly suited for this festive season. From lush bouquets to sophisticated arrangements, find the perfect way to say Eid Mubarak with our expertly curated selection.

What Makes Our Eid Flower Arrangements Dubai Special?

Our Eid flower arrangements are crafted with care, incorporating traditional and modern designs to celebrate the essence of Eid in Dubai. Each bouquet is a blend of freshness, color, and fragrance, designed to bring happiness and blessings to your loved ones.

How to Make Flowers for Eid?

While we provide a stunning selection of ready-made Eid flower arrangements, we also encourage creativity. For those interested in creating their own floral designs, consider combining traditional Eid colors with flowers like roses, lilies, and orchids. Add some greenery for a lush look, and don’t forget to personalize it with your special touch.

Eid Flowers Delivery Made Easy

With, sending Eid flowers in Dubai is effortless and reliable. Ensure your gifts arrive fresh and on time by taking advantage of our expedited same-day delivery service on orders placed by 10 P.M. Celebrate Eid with the beauty of flowers, delivered directly to your doorstep or that of your loved ones, encapsulating your wishes for a prosperous Eid.