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August 23, 2021

Flower Bouquet Ideas

In theory, creating a beautiful bouquet is easy, right? You pick a few of your favorite flowers, throw them in a vase, and hope for the best. But in practice, there's much more to the art than meets the eye: Which blooms are in season right now? How do you care for a bouquet to make it last longer? How do you pair different flowers to create an elegant arrangement? These are all questions that have discouraged us in the past from trying our hand at a personalized bouquet in favor of a quick trip to the local florist.But as you are never served better than by yourself, store-bought arrangements gone wrong are also a real dilemma. We decided to learn how to master the art of flower arranging once and for all—and we knew exactly who to ask. Flowers.ae is a flower whisperer. From beautiful bouquets to our wildly popular floral arrangement, no one knows the intricacies of flowers, better than us.Get your twine and shears ready—you're about to become a floral expert.   Pink Perfection Hatbox A stunning Pink Flower Hatbox. This is a unique way to send flowers to loved ones. These sophisticated hat boxes are more...

April 27, 2021

Iftar Table Styling Tips

Our top florist will help you with the floral centerpiece depending on your preference. May it be the color, flower or even which vase is best to use for your table arrangement. Let us take care of this for you and we will deliver it straight to your homes same day or even the next day. Why customers love Flowers.ae 🌼Our flowers are sourced from the finest farms in South America, Holland, France, Italy and Ethiopia and carry our freshness guarantee. Where possible, we deliver flowers close bud so they are fresh for 7 days. 🌼Our florist will send a video of your finished arrangement by WhatsApp or email for your approval, before delivery. 🌼We have the best Customer Service in the UAE. Please feel free to check our genuine reviews on Google and Trustpilot. 🌼We are also available at any time from 8:00 - Midnight to help with any queries you may have on WhatsApp, ✆ Phone, or ✉ Email.

June 03, 2020

Best 5 Tips to Make Your Flowers Last Longer! | Flowers.ae

Flowers play a vital role in everyone’s life. Whether it be for a birthday, anniversary, graduation, sympathy, get well or even just a bunch hand-picked from your garden, it will mean a lot when you give it to someone. A single flower can express a thousand words, convey deep meaning, even if you don’t say it. It does not require a special occasion for you to send flowers to someone - a bunch of blossoms can easily brighten up one’s day, and this normal day will have a special moment that will leave an unforgettable feeling, an impression that will last forever. So, when you receive a bunch of flowers, it means that someone’s been thinking of you, or you mean a lot to that person and he wants you to feel special. With that, of course, you’d want to enjoy it for a longer time, but the flowers have their limit too. However, we have some tips on how you can maximize their lifespan, and make it stunning as usual. Fresh arrangements upon delivery will typically last for 3 to 5 days. With proper maintenance, you can still make them last for a week.  WATER is the source of...

October 31, 2019

Top 10 Flower Bouquet Ideas

From colourful to Love, today our Florist have created some pretty colourful inspiration Flower Bouquet for your celebrations using 10 beautiful Best Bouquet Ideas complete with colour palette inspiration. If you fall in love with one of these pretties, we've also included the names of the flowers in the bouquets so you know what to ask your florist for. These bouquets are ideal for Birthday, marriages, New Born Baby and for most of the celebrations. 1.Pink Perfection Hatbox Flowers: A beautiful mix of Gerbera, Rosita, lisianthus, Eucalyptus,spray rose, hydrangea This bunch of flowers best for expressing your love to someone, its suitable for all occasions  Floral bouquet Design By : Dubai Florist Warren   2.Autumn Hatbox  bouquet Flowers: A cute combination of sunflower, orange roses, chrysanthemum green, dried autumn leaves, hypericum berry red, solidago This flower bucket best for expressing your wishes to someone, its suitable for all occasions like birthday, wedding, anniversary and congratulate. Floral bouquet Design By : Florist Bher     3.Baby Girl Pink Hatbox  Flowers: A cute combination of roses, spray roses and eucalyptus. Baby Girl Pink Hatbox Gift Set is designed by our top Florists, the perfect gift to welcome a baby girl. Floral Design by : Florist Leonora   4. Yellow Rose Hatbox Flowers: Yellow Rose Hatbox designed by our...