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Chinese New Year

Flowers are an especially meaningful gift during Chinese New Year. From sunshine-yellow sunflowers to bright roses, we have a collection just for this special occasion.
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50 Yellow Roses from AED 495.00
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25 Sunflowers from AED 495.00
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Chinese New Year Flowers

China is known for its rich culture and tradition and Chinese New Year is one of those. It is a time for celebration and joy among family and friends. Chinese New Year is one of the many celebrations that became part of many cultures all over the world for centuries. To express our well wishes, we often give flowers as gifts. Flowers are a symbol of joy, wealth, and prosperity, so they're the perfect choice for Chinese New Year. Here's why you should give Chinese New Year flowers, along with some of the best flowers to give for Chinese New Year.


Why Give Chinese New Year Flowers?

Flowers are a traditional and common gift for many occasions, but they are especially meaningful during Chinese New Year. Flowers symbolize joy and prosperity, which are important themes during Chinese New Year. In addition to their beauty, giving flowers is a great way to show appreciation or gratitude to someone special.


What Flowers to Give for Chinese New Year?

Chinese New Year is an occasion for expressing one's feelings, and flowers are a traditional way to do so. Some of the best flowers for this holiday are below:

Sunburst Delight

This bouquet of Lily and Roses, Chrysanthemum, Solidago, Eucalyptus and crowned with Steel Grass is a great choice for Chinese New Year. These bright and eye-catching flowers will surely catch good luck and prosperity this Chinese New Year. Also, the vibrant colors symbolize joy and happiness, and the roses signify love and appreciation. This bouquet of vibrant flowers will bring joy to your home during the celebration of Chinese New Year.

Vibrant - Hatbox

This eye-catching arrangement features a plethora of bright and cheerful blooms all expertly arranged in a stylish white hatbox. Inside, you'll find a mix of the lively colors of Sunflowers, orange Roses, yellow and pink Spray Roses, green Buttons, Solidago and Eucalyptus greens, complemented by purple Lisianthus and Veronicas combined to create a vibrant and joyful display, perfect for Chinese New Year. The Vibrant Hatbox is sure to make an impression on the lucky recipient. The mix of colors symbolizes happiness and good luck, while the hatbox serves as a beautiful container for the flowers.Our hand-crafted arrangement is perfect for sending your love and will make a lasting impression.

Vibrant - Vase

This arrangement of bursting with sunshine and good energy, a combination of Sunflowers, Solidago, spray Roses and Chrysanthemum spray is a stunning choice for Chinese New Year. The bright and cheerful colors will bring a sense of joy and happiness to the recipient. This arrangement is a perfect and classic gift choice as it speaks elegance. Gift your friends this Chinese New Year with this arrangement, a perfect gift to attract good energy and good radiance this Chinese New Year.

50 Yellow Roses

This bright yellow bouquet of 50 long-stemmed yellow Roses is a great choice for Chinese New Year. The vibrant color symbolizes joy, happiness, and good luck, and the roses signify love and appreciation. The yellow rose is a symbol of friendship and joy in China, often given as a token of appreciation and good wishes. It is said that the yellow rose has the power to bring a smile to the face of even the saddest person. A gift of a yellow rose is a sign of admiration and appreciation, making it the perfect way to show someone you care.


This elegant hand-tied bouquet of long-stemmed yellow roses is a beautiful choice for Chinese New Year. The yellow roses represent happiness and joy, yellow blooms often represent wealth and fortune and  abundance around Chinese New Year,  while the ribbon symbolizes luck and good fortune. The flower's bright yellow color represents the sun and its warm, life-giving rays, making it a reminder of the importance of friendship in Chinese culture. This beautiful hand-tied arrangement is a perfect gift to give as it will surely bring a smile to your loved ones. Make sure to make them feel special this Chinese New Year with this special flower arrangement.

25 Sunflowers

A single stem of bright sunflower is a good way to make someone smile, but two dozen and an extra one is a perfect way to make them happy. Be extra in giving flowers this Chinese New Year with this vibrant and cheerful bouquet of sunflowers, a perfect gift for this special occasion. These golden blooms signify wealth and abundance. The bright yellow color symbolizes joy and happiness, and the sunflowers signify good luck and prosperity. Wish you loved ones good luck in this coming year with this vibrant arrangement.

Sunflower Bliss

This eye-catching bouquet of yellow Sunflowers, yellow Chrysanthemums, yellow Roses, Solidago, and fragrant Eucalyptus is a great choice for Chinese New Year. The mix of colors symbolizes joy, happiness and wealth, while the sunflowers signify good luck and prosperity. This arrangement of vibrant and bright flowers is perfect to welcome this New Year. These flowers are arranged in a marvelous marble effect ceramic vase. Perfect and practical gift for your mothers as the vase can be reusable for the next time you buy them flowers.

Rose Melody

Red roses are a classic gift, but why stick with red roses when you can give them multiple colors of roses? This beautiful bouquet of pink, orange, red and yellow roses is a great choice for welcoming the Chinese New Year. The vibrant colors symbolize joy and happiness, while red roses signify power, wealth, prosperity, luck and fertility in Chinese color symbolism. This combination of roses is a great way to express your love and devotion to your loved ones. Tell them you are happy to be welcoming another year with them by giving them this marvelous arrangement.

A Slice of Summer

This radiant, glorious and extravagant arrangement will surely make your loved ones happy and feeling special this Chinese New Year. This bright and cheerful bouquet of yellow and orange roses as well as a radiant sunflower is a perfect gift for Chinese New Year. The mix of colors symbolizes joy and happiness, while the roses signify love and appreciation.This extravagant arrangement is another level of showing your love and care to the special people in your life. Make them feel the love this Chinese New Year through this beautiful gift.

Flowers are the traditional symbol of love and appreciation, and there are many varieties to choose from when sending flowers to celebrate Chinese New Year. From sunshine-yellow sunflowers to bright roses, there’s a flower for every occasion! So, go forth and spread the joy of celebration with the perfect Chinese New Year flowers!