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Tips and Tricks to Make Your Fresh Flowers Last Longer

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There is no better gift than fresh flowers to amplify any special occasion. Fresh flowers can enliven any space. Whether it's for an anniversary, birthday, or a graduation or perhaps a simple coffee table flower arrangement, you'll want to enjoy the fresh flowers you've received and keep it fresh for as long as possible. 
Unfortunately, fresh flowers don't last forever. You can, however, ensure the longevity of your flowers by following some guidelines and some tricks of the trade. Here's everything you need to know about how to extend the life of flowers.

1. Cut the Stems at an Angle

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People often forget to cut the stems after receiving flowers. Make a diagonal cut using garden shears one to two inches long. Having the stems cut at an angle allows them to absorb water more efficiently. Keep your bouquetre-trimmed once every few days after the initial cut.

2. Remove Extra leaves

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Before placing your flowers in a vase, remove any leaves below the water line. It will prevent bacterial growth and keep your flowers looking absolutely fresh and clean. There are two or three outermost petals on some flowers, such as roses, that are called guard petals. It is important to remove these in order to allow your flower to fully open up. It is also important to check your flowers regularly for dead or loose petals in order to prevent them from rotting.

3. Choosing a Suitable Vase

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After unwrapping your bouquet, make sure to place them in a vase with clean water immediately. Choosing the right vase with the right size is crucial for your flowers to fit comfortably. If you are not sure which vase is proper to use, you can always contact our florist to help you choose a vase that is perfect for your flower arrangement.

4. Change the Water Regularly

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After picking out the right vase, and adding clean water. In order to keep your flowers fresh, they must be hydrated at all times. It is advisable to change the water every two to three days and to cut an inch of the stems to ensure they stay fresh for as long as possible. Another way to extend the life of your fresh flowers is to place them in the fridge overnight.

5. Keep away from Direct Sunlight

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Avoid placing your flowers in an area where there is direct sunlight. It will cause them to wilt sooner than they should. The flowers can also dehydrate quickly if you place them near open windows, heating vents, and ceiling fans.Placing your arrangement in a shaded, cool area helps preserve the blooms and increase the longevity of your fresh arrangement.

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