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How To Plan A Valentine's Day Surprise

Valentine’s Day is only a few days away, and whether you are a fan or not, there is always a cause to celebrate it. It is a perfect opportunity to reflect on the people you care about. It can be your family, your friend, or the love of your life. Valentine’s day gifts or surprises don't need to be fancy or expensive, with a little planning, it can be simple but perfect. But before making any plans, consider taking her/his interests into account, use it as a guide, and get creative.

We have put together a list of simple yet effective ideas for surprising your loved ones on Valentine's Day.

1. Set up a hotel room decorated with red roses, balloons and candles.

Girls love flowers, and nothing is sweeter than a man who surprises his girl with a grand romantic gesture. Book a fancy hotel suite and a florist to help you organize the whole romantic set up. Remember, nothing is too much when it comes to planning a surprise for your significant other. Take this as an opportunity to show how much she means to you. and Hilton Palm Jumeirah can help you organize this whole romantic gesture.

2. Special Flower Delivery 

What says Happy Valentine’s Day more than roses? Women adore roses, so a surprise delivery would definitely spruce up their day specially if it’s from the person they love. Order your girl's favorite roses from her go-to neighborhood florist, and make sure the arrangement reflects her preferences. Since red is the color of love, red roses are the most popular on Valentine's Day. Don't forget to add a card that says “I love you”!

Additional tip: Make sure to pre-order your flowers at least a week or two before Valentine's Day to prevent your order from being delivered late.

3. Set up a Romantic Dinner at Home

Not everyone has the time to go out on Valentine’s day considering if Valentine’s Day falls on a busy and stressful day at work. In this case, A classic romantic dinner at home is always a great way to surprise your partner. Cook up his/her favorite food and arrange a dinner table with candles and her favorite flowers to set the vibe. Don’t forget to add a bottle of wine that you both could enjoy.

4. Recreate your first date

It’s time to take a trip down memory lane. Recreate your love story by taking her back to where it all began, and the places where you spent the most special time together. You could take her to the location where you went on your first date to evoke that romantic feeling and don’t forget to bring a bunch of roses to make this occasion even more special!


Additional Tips to make sure your Valentine’s Surprise is perfect

Tip 1:

Order your flowers at least a week or two in advance to avoid delays in delivery. Just keep in mind that everyone wants to send flowers on Valentine's Day, making it one of the busiest days for flower deliveries.

Tip 2:

To avoid disappointments and to ensure that your surprise is not ruined, pick the best florist in town that offers high quality flowers and excellent customer service. has a large selection of high-quality flower arrangements, from basic to extravagant, as well as a customer support team that provides outstanding assistance.

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