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How to Make a Perfect Christmas Wreath

How to Make a Perfect Christmas Wreath

Christmas wreath


Outdoor decorations are just as important as your table centerpieces. And what says Christmas more than a festive wreath hanging on your door?During the holidays, we aren't always fans of the price tag on festive collections. Which is why learning how to create your ownfestive arrangement is important, because it's a great way to save money. Creating Christmas wreaths can be quite easy and a fun activity to enjoy with your family. If you're looking to create one, our guide will help you make a perfect wreath to set the holiday mood at your home whether it’s a traditional wreath or a more contemporary design.

The supplies you need to make a wreath for Christmas

christmas wreath
  1. Wreath Base 
  2. Florist Scissors or Cutter 
  3. Ornaments (Different colors - depending on your preferences)
  4. Floral Wires
  5. Dried fruits (Optional)
  6. Pine Leaves, Berries, Eucalyptus
  7. Pine Cones (Gold, Silver, or Natural color)
  8. Cinnamon Sticks
  9. Ribbons

Steps to make a Christmas Wreath

Step 1. Choose a theme

christmas wreath

Visualize the wreath you want. Choose the color combination you want to use and purchase your supplies accordingly. For a more classic look, I recommend a color combination of red, gold, and green. You can also go for white, silver, and green for a white Christmas vibe. 

Step 2. Adding Foliage 

christmas wreath    
Now that you have picked your theme for your Christmas wreath, and the supplies needed are ready including the wreath base, it’s time to start creating your wreath. Starting with the wreath foundation, attach pine leaves using floral wire while paying attention to the base's round shape. Place them in the same direction overlapping the other to create a spiral movement. Add more pine leaves until the base is fully covered. 

Step 3. Add a touch of dried components 

christmas wreath
Start adding components after you have finished constructing your wreath with foliage. Depending on your desire, you can use pine cones, cinnamon sticks, dried fruits and spray painted eucalyptus leaves. Use floral wire to attach the dried elements. However, you don't have to cover the wreath entirely this time. Only a few will do. Be careful not to overdo it when spreading them all around the wreath and add them at random intervals.

Step 4. Decorate your wreath

christmas wreath

Remember the Christmas ornaments? It’s time for you to get creative with them. Use a floral wire to attach the ornaments to your wreath. Choose the color combination of your liking. Combine components of varying sizes and create clusters or spread them evenly around the circle. You are free to add extra ornaments as you see fit. Let your creativity loose. 

Step 5: Wrap it up 

christmas wreath

Finalize your wreath by adding a Ribbon of your liking.  And lastly, add a loop using floral wire  so you can hang it on your door. E voila! you just created your first Christmas wreath


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