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Complete Guide to Choosing Flowers for a Newborn Baby in Dubai

Gifting flowers to celebrate the arrival of a newborn is a beautiful tradition that brings joy and elegance to the occasion. Flowers symbolize new beginnings, love, and happiness, making them a perfect choice for welcoming a new baby. This guide will help you choose the best flowers for a newborn, ensuring your gift is thoughtful and meaningful. If you’re in Dubai, offers a variety of beautiful arrangements for this special moment.

Why Choose Flowers for a Newborn Baby?

Flowers are a timeless way to celebrate special moments. They brighten up any space and convey a sense of warmth and joy. When a new baby arrives, flowers can be a wonderful way to express your congratulations and share in the family's happiness. 

They add a touch of natural beauty and elegance to the celebration, making the moment even more special. Additionally, flowers can uplift the spirits of new parents and add a refreshing ambience to their homes, especially in the vibrant city of Dubai.

What Are the Best Flowers for a Newborn Baby?

Choosing the best flowers for a newborn involves considering both aesthetics and symbolism. Here are some great options:

  • Soft Pastel Flowers: These include roses, hydrangeas, and lisianthus, which are perfect for creating a gentle, welcoming atmosphere. The Baby Lavender Floral Vase Gift Set is an excellent example, featuring a soothing blend of purple flowers.
  • Bright and Cheerful Flowers: Sunflowers, gerberas, and carnations bring vibrant colours and a cheerful vibe. The Baby Vibrant Vase Gift Set is a lively choice with its mix of bright blooms.

Soft pastel flowers like roses and hydrangeas create a calm and serene environment, while bright flowers like sunflowers and gerberas add a touch of joy and excitement. Each type of flower can convey different emotions and sentiments, making it important to choose flowers that reflect your feelings for the occasion.

Should You Include Additional Gifts with Flowers?

Adding extra gifts to your floral arrangement can make your gift even more special. Consider including:

  • Teddy Bears: Soft toys that the baby can enjoy.
  • Balloons: Add a festive touch to the gift.
  • Chocolates: A sweet treat for the new parents.

Gift sets like the Baby Pink Perfection Vase Gift Set come with a teddy bear and balloons, making them a delightful choice. These additional items can enhance the overall presentation of your gift, making it more memorable and thoughtful.

How to Choose the Right Color of Flowers?

The colour of the flowers you choose can add a special touch to your gift:

  • Pink: Symbolizes sweetness and love, perfect for a baby girl.
  • Blue: Represents tranquillity and trust, ideal for a baby boy.
  • White: Signifies purity and innocence, suitable for any newborn.


The Baby Heavenly Blues Hatbox features blue and white flowers, perfect for welcoming a baby boy. Choosing the right colour can convey your sentiments more effectively and make the gift even more special for the parents.

How to Personalize a Flower Arrangement?

Personalizing your flower arrangement can make your gift unique and memorable:

  • Choose specific flowers and colours: Based on the preferences of the parents.
  • Add a custom message: A heartfelt note to convey your congratulations.
  • Special wrapping: Select from different wrapping colours and styles.

Customizable options, like those offered by, allow you to create a tailored gift. Personal touches like a custom message or unique wrapping can add a layer of thoughtfulness to your gift, making it stand out.

Are There Any Flowers to Avoid for Newborns?

When selecting flowers for a newborn, safety is paramount:

  • Avoid strong fragrances: These can be overwhelming in small spaces.
  • Choose hypoallergenic flowers: To prevent any allergic reactions.
  • Avoid flowers with a lot of pollen: To minimize mess and potential allergens.

Opt for arrangements like the Baby Heavenly Whites Hatbox, which features safe and beautiful flowers. Ensuring the safety of the flowers will provide peace of mind to the new parents and make the gift more enjoyable.

How to Care for Flowers Sent to a Newborn?

Ensuring that the flowers stay fresh and vibrant is important:

  • Trim the stems: At an angle to allow better water absorption.
  • Change the water regularly: To keep the flowers hydrated and healthy.
  • Place the flowers in a cool location: Away from direct sunlight.

Providing care instructions along with the delivery can help the recipients maintain the beauty of the arrangement. Proper care will ensure that the flowers last longer, allowing the family to enjoy them for days.

Choosing the right flowers for a newborn is a thoughtful way to celebrate the arrival of a new life. The best flowers, additional gifts, and personalization can make your gift stand out. Explore the beautiful options available in the New Born Flowers Collection at to find the perfect arrangement for welcoming a new baby. The right choice of flowers can create lasting memories and add a special touch to this joyous occasion in Dubai.