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4 Best Flower Options For Valentine’s Day 2022

  Often time people get confused which flower do they offer to their special one’s during valentine’s day. In fact, There are wide variety of valentine’s day flowers ranging from Roses, Lilies, Orchids, Tulips etc with different colors as it comes as red, white, yellow & pink and so on. Among these which blossom is the best fit to symbolize the everlasting love, passion, hope and obsession towards that special someone tickling them pink and tempting them to bend on their knees with ultimate pleasure?
The tradition of giving flowers during valentines day stems way back to the 17th century. Since then people have been handing over flowers to their better half to symbolize the love and passion on valentines day specially. They believe by gifting a nicely wrapped flower bouquets with different colors, it pins a beautiful message to the other person.
So, here comes the list of 4 flower options which you can consider giving to your loved ones on valentines day.


1. Roses
It feels immense pleasure when we hear about roses and its heavenly aroma. Since it symbolizes passion, desire, true love, and romance, Red roses completes a long awaited love story. Would you or your partner not be content to accept a nice red or pink color rose bouquet with a heartfelt message on it. Of course yes.
Roses come in different colors. It helps personalize the presentation with a deeper sentiment. If you want to say that magic three letter word “I love you” with an everlasting impression, a finely chopped, nicely tied red rose bouquets would be seductively charming, as it symbolizes love and passion. Want to see tears of joy in her face and pluck warm hug to follow on, This red rose bouquet is the great choice on valentines day. If you want to amaze your best friend with a bouquet on valentines day, a yellow colored bouquet will serve the purpose which symbolizes friendship, joy and caring. Have you ever wondered about mystic purple color roses which symbolizes utmost desire, longing and craving. Wonder not if you get one soon. It’s often believed purple roses send a message of love at first sight, a great valentine gift one can aspire for. Pink roses symbolizes elegance, grace, sweetness, royalty etc and in order to present young love, purity and innocency in your relation, white roses makes suitable for wedding and mostly romantic occasions and list goes on. Why wait? Go grab a bunch of roses and surprise your Valentine “Not every one may pluck roses”.

   2. Tulips
Perfect and deep love are the essence of tulips. These blooms have been loved and admired by many for centuries. They have been attached with the meaning of deep-rooted love. Ideal contender to give someone who you have a deep and unconditional love. With its simple appearance, very long lasting nature and traditional aroma these are still an exceptional choice for your valentine. Just like roses, tulips too come with variety of colors. Have you seen white tulip flower blooms with “I am sorry” card on it? White tulips seek sense of forgiveness, as they say. Depending on your valentine’s choice, you can choose from different colors and create the vibe you wanted out of it. Commonly, tulips are a symbol of perfect love. (Affordable)
   3. Lilies
“When you have only two pennies left in the world, buy a loaf of bread with one, and a lily with the other” ~ This Chinese proverb shows the beauty of lily flowers just in one sentence. The sweet and innocent beauty of lily flower and its flowing fragrance has always struck minds. Lily flower has ranked 4th most popular flower across the globe. This flower variant too comes with huge color variations from white, yellow, orange, red, purple, pink etc makes it ideal to draw people’s attention and of course an ideal blossom for your elegant valentine.
   4. Orchids
Orchids are very delicate, exotic and graceful flowers which represents love, beauty, care and strength. Moreover they are the symbol of luxury and richness. Like other descendants orchids are no different, these flowers too come with various colors and its associated symbolic meanings. This marvelous blooms are a very nice choice for any celebrations, let alone valentines day. Surprising your loved one with orchid flowers shows how much you value your relationship with her. Do you want to let your special one know how beautiful, unique, uncommon yet natural gem she is, just gift her blue orchid bouquet, an all time favorite for many. She will be overwhelmed and out of the moon.