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7 Best Ramadan gift Ideas for 2022

Ahlan Ramadan. We welcome yet another ramadan. As observed by muslims worldwide as a month of fasting, prayer, reflection and re-bonding of relationships across communities. People celebrate this holy occasion with their loved ones after fasting long hours of the day from dawn to sunset, refraining not only from food and drinks but also from any kind of misconduct and disobedience devoting themselves to god almighty in order to wash out any sins. Hence, they seek ultimate reward from god. When muslims do follow these basic rules, they are bound to get a chance to celebrate this festive season with their loved ones to make it even more happier and merrier.

1. Ramadan Flowers
Ramadan is also known for family gathering, devotion and giving. It is commonly observed among muslims they get together for the iftar meal and quality moments at their families’ premises to share the happiness and joy of this blessed month. Meeting friends and family on a daily basis to celebrate the month naturally calls for gifts and hampers. In the Muslic culture, people are not accustomed to meeting one another bare handed. Keeping this in mind, We have taken a pledge to make any gathering grand and memorable by attentively outlining flowers on various shapes and designs, without compromising on sophistication, beauty and understated elegance. A delicate selection of flowers are carefully arranged and prepared by our own top florists to make it perfect. These arrangements are specifically made asRamadan flowers gifts. With its everlasting fragrance, awesome colors and curved shapes, flowers are indeed a luxury when it comes to gifting. Some prefer these to simply adorn on any majlis or iftar tables to get that luxury look and feel. 
2. Fragrances
Ramadan is the month of spirituality. Oftentimes muslims offer namaz and recite Quran throughout Ramadan (The month of Ramadan is that in which was revealed the Quran; a guidance for mankind). Fragrances have their own value when it comes to selecting gifts for ramadan. Based on its longevity musks, ouds, ambers etc are warmly welcomed by muslims and they prefer to apply preferably while going to masjid to do taraweeh namaz (additional prayer during ramadan) at night. Evocative Scented candles are another well received gift. There are plenty of custom, unique and personalized ramadan candles housed in signature smoked glasses. 
3. Fruit Basket
Fruit baskets make iftar great. No one can imagine any iftar table without largely adorned fruits. After a long day of fasting, a fruit basket is the perfect and the most healthy way to replenish hunger. UAE fruits suppliers have assured of enough supply of basic commodities during the Holy month. Governments too have taken initiatives to keep the price stable and not to barge in on anyone. Many online companies offer fruit baskets at marginally low price with fruits and deliver it to your doorstep without hassle. This will include a variety of directly imported and locally produced quality seasonal fruits. Many companies make customized fruit gift baskets using these available fruits without compromising its quality and freshness.
4. Dates Box
One can not imagine Ramadan without Dates. Dates are traditionally consumed in the Middle East particularly during Ramadan and are considered to have a number of health benefits as well. Dates have graced their presence in many homes all over the world since ancient times, and it is safe to say that this small fruit's long reputation for being a heart-healthy snack has been a highly recommended food to eat after long hours of fasting. According to the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), if you are fasting, it is best to break your fast with dates and water. There are a number of dates readily available in the market. Medjool, Deglet Noor, Barhi, Halawi, Khadrawi etc are some of them. A box that comprises a mix of the different kinds of dates can be sent as a gift to family and friends.
5. Chocolate Hamper / Candy Box / Sweet Box
Like any other occasion, chocolates are a great gift for Ramadan too. Luxury brands such as Lindt Lindor Assorted Chocolate Truffles Luxury Gift Boxes, Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Hamper Sweets Gift Boxes, Holdsworth Chocolates, Thorntons Classic Chocolate Hamper Gift Boxes or Baklava Sweets count as an exquisite hamper. This decadent selection is made from a variety of different chocolate artisans. The presence of  handmade chocolates with different flavors available in the market with customized wrappers for the occasion of Ramadan make the occasion and the gift in itself seem even more attractive and timely. Chocolates have been chosen for gifts that are unrivaled in taste and texture, and that have been made with true passion, skill, flair, and only the finest of ingredients to suit the best of occasion.
6. Dried Fruit Gift Hamper
If you want to skip the chocolates and offer your friends, relatives and loved ones a healthy snack pack, then a tray full of seasonal dry fruits including Almonds, Walnuts, Brazil Nuts and HazelNuts alongside a tray full of cashews, pistachios, and from dried fruits mix with premium apricots, sliced cranberries, pitted plums, sweet pineapple rings and dried mango slices are the best of choice one can make. 
7. Ramadan Gift Sets
Oftentimes, Ramadan gift sets are bound to spiritual well-being. This type of a gift set can consist of the holy Quran, prayer mat, pocket sized book with a list of recommended prayers and a luxury prayer beads (rosary). This can be perceived as a perfect blend of religious and spiritual gifts one could ever get in preparation for the holy month of Ramadan.