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Our actions to ensure that we do not contribute to the spread of Novel Corona Virus

Staff have been instructed in to read all guidelines provided by MoHaP on Covid 19.

> Signage has been installed instructing staff to wash their hands as often as possible.

> Everyone on the team must to wash their hands on arrival and on return from any break or contact with anyone outside the shop.

> All surfaces, phones, keyboards etc are sanitised in any staff change over in addition to twice daily.

> All cash is disinfected when entering the shop.

> Shipments are disinfected on arrival before the stores person unpacks the boxes and trolleys

> Each florist has a designated section of the shop and workflows that ensure minimal cross over.

> Any back office personnel are working remotely so that they are able to isolate from the workplace, using up to date telephone and smart cloud based technology. 

> All retail staff have designated areas with a 1 person per area policy.

> The florists that make the hat boxes and bouquets place the finished item on a separate bench for our video person who makes your video, ensuring space and distance.

> Before the arrangement is handed out to a driver it is wiped down with disinfectant before leaving.

> Drivers clean and sanitise the inside of vans twice daily with disinfectant and they regularly sanitise their cab space, telephones and internal space.

> They are also instructed to sanitise their hands between each delivery. 

> Drivers will telephone the recipient when outside the address and offer to leave the bouquet outside the door, allowing the recipient to pick it up without contact.

> We review these actions daily to ensure the very safest way for our team and customers