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Choosing Best Flowers For New Born Baby

Arrival of a new baby is always an exciting and overwhelming occasion for parents, friends and family. Mom’s eyes filled with tears of happiness and that overlooked compassion covering up the newborn, draws a new line of hope, joy, happiness, tons of desires and good luck to many. These moments need to be captured and framed.
How would you welcome your bundle of joy to the new world? Well, there are plenty of ways and long held practices but saying this, we can imagine welcoming our gem with beautiful flower bouquets, wiggling balloons alongside, saying its a boy or its girl. Wouldn't that look stunning?

Which of the newborn baby flower colors should you pick?

It's always good to know the gender of the baby before you select any newborn flowers. Since the exact day and time of a newborn depends on many factors, We tend to wait till the baby has been delivered to choose the perfect flower bouquets and baby gift hampers to best suit the occasion. 
Knowing the gender helps to decide the flower color. Pink, purple and pastels are always appropriate color choices for a baby girl. For a baby boy, blue and yellow flowers are typically chosen. If you can not wait until delivery or want to pre order then there are several neutral colors as well. Colors like white, yellow or pastel are considered to be neutral colors and would be a good pick if not new parents keep the gender well secret. But Worry not, Just a tap of a call button to the best flower shop nearby will guide you to come out of this difficulty of choosing colors and flowers. They will have pre-made flower bouquets or can customize accordingly. Some of our best newborn arrangements includeBaby girl pink hat box,pink perfection in a vase,heavenly pinks are the best well-suited baby girl flowers.Baby boy blue hat box,lavender floral in a vase,heavenly blues are some of the most uniquely designed best baby boy flowers to give.

What flowers are appropriate for a newborn baby?

Lilies, roses, tulips and carnations are popular new baby flowers for a baby girl. These flowers are available in pink, purple and pastel colors. Traditionally pink flowers are a go to flowers for a newborn baby girl. 
And for a newborn boy, Freesia, delphinium, iris and statice are all great options. Traditionally Blue flowers are widely chosen for a baby boy. Sending these flowers with an added touch of balloons, teddies, hampers and chocolates would make the occasion so lovely and charming. 


Things to consider while selecting newborn flowers

So as you have already decided to give flowers to the newborn baby and parent, there are some points that you should bear in mind apart from flower color and flower type, before giving them to the parents or baby in the first place. 


It’s important to bear in mind that new baby flowers shouldn’t have a strong and solid fragrance. You don’t want to overthrow the little one at the early stage itself. So, choosing flowers with a soft, subtle scent like daffodils, irises and sunflowers will be most ideal..

Floral Allergies:

You should make sure that there should not be any person in the family with allergies towards pollen. As they say the main culprit behind floral allergies is the airborne pollen. Flowers that have a very low amount of pollen are good for people with allergies. Hydrangea, Orchid, Tulips, Asiatic Lilies are known to be hypoallergenic flowers.


Small size is preferably better in order to make the newborn and parents comfortable soon after the delivery, keeping small sized flower bouquets would be more convenient for both. Otherwise feel free to amaze them with a size they are happy to accept. 

Birth Month Flowers:

Have you ever heard of people communicating through flowers? Birth flowers are symbolic of the month we’re born in, and each one carries a special meaning as well. There is a flower associated with each month that has its own unique meaning. Gifting them would make it more precise and clear in the eyes of the receiver.