5 Wedding Flower Ideas For Your Big Day 5 Wedding Flower Ideas For Your Big Day


Here is 5 ways to do just that, on your wedding day! We have compiled a list of wedding flower ideas that you can incorporate into your big day on any budget.


1. Flower backdrop. Kim K isn’t the only one that can have a beautiful wall of flowers. Why not have a floor to ceiling arrangement of flowers to set the scene for your wedding reception. This makes for amazing pictures and the wall can be moved from the ceremony to the reception area or where you wish.


2. Hanging Pomanders. I just love this wedding flower idea for an outdoor wedding. You can get different sizes and colours to suit your budget ad your wedding theme. This is great when you have a bare object such as a tree and want to dress it up for your special day! You must ensure that they are well supported, we wouldn’t want one falling on your head!


3. Floating Florals in a pool or pond. If your venue has a pond or if you are lucky to be abroad for your wedding, you can incorporate your wedding flowers into the pool. You can get really creative here and have both your initials and his float while you say you’re I do’s! Add candles to the arrangement to give it that extra special touch.


4. Hanging Potted Plants. Does your venue have a dividing wall, if so use it you’re your advantage and hang cute potted plants. These plants can dress up any room ad can be brought home or to the afters as they have a longer life then fresh cut flowers.


5. Taped Flowers. What are taped flowers you say? Well this is a funky way to dress any room for your big day, I love the idea of taping flowers to the wall just behind the cake stand, it makes for amazing pictures. Simply take small flowers and tape them individually by the stem to the wall. The buds stand out and can be wonderful against a hot bright colour.


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