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Health Benefits of Indoor Plants


A plant in your office space, bedroom, kitchen or living room brings you joy and comfort. But, it does not stop there. Amazingly, they can do wonders for your health too. Take a look at these amazing indoor plants' health benefits you probably haven't heard of before, if you have never thought of getting one previously, this surely will make you reconsider. Some of them might even surprise you.

1. Improve Wellness

Living in a place that is environmentally-friendly has a huge impact on our wellness and can be beneficial to our health. Plants bring a touch of nature to your home, making it a more peaceful and happy environment.

2. Improve Concentration and Memory

Research has shown that people who live in an environment surrounded by plants can work more productively. It helps them concentrate and stay calm under pressure. Theoretically, when our attention is diverted from our computer screen to the plants on our desk, it offers a micro-break from the screen that may help boost concentration. Not only that, it can also help improve memory performance by 20%.

3. Reduce Stress

It may not be as relaxing as walking by the beach watching the sunset, but being surrounded by plants at home or at the office has been proven to also relieve stress. People find comfort in plants because they turn stressful feelings into something meaningful that brings them pleasure. The presence and sight of plants helps people cope with negative feelings and reduces their stress levels.

4. Purifies the Air

Do you know that pollution levels are higher indoors than outdoors due to the mixing of outdoor pollutants with indoor contaminants such as Volatile Organic Compounds? Yes, they are emitted from paints, carpets, cleaning chemicals, and furniture. According to a study, plants can help reduce the amount of cancer-causing chemicals in the air. In addition, potted plants' soil contributes to enhancing indoor air quality.

5. Boost Healing

Having plants in hospital recovery rooms can aid patients in healing faster. Simple exposure to plants on a daily basis can have such a soothing effect which accelerates the recovery process dramatically. Horticulture therapy also reduces recuperation time by enabling patients to nurture and care for plants. It has been proven that patients who interact with plants experience a significantly reduced recovery time after medical procedures.